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A holiday in Playas de Jandia means a holiday in an area of brilliant beaches and spread out local villages. The name Playas de Jandia literally means the "beaches of Jandia" and is an area already well known to surfers and lovers of the sea and all things nautical. Located on the southern coast of Fuerteventura, this peninsula includes the tourist resorts and local hamlets of Costa Calma, the port of Morro Jable, Esquinzo beach and Pajara. 

Playas de Jandia holidays essentially are all about rest, relaxation and beach pursuits. Some of the best beaches on the entire island are found here and, once upon a time, Jandia was actually cut off from the rest of Fuerteventura. However, major sand deposits now link Playas de Jandia to connect with the island proper. The eastern coast of Fuerteventura is the calmer side of the island with silver and golden sandy beaches; whilst the western coast is more rugged with volcanic deposits and black sand and wilder seas. 

The town of Jandia encompasses various pockets of tourist amenities with plenty of local bars and restaurants, many German and Scandinavian restaurants and bars and a few British pubs. In general, nightlife is fairly low key, so loud discos and crazy night clubs are thin on the ground! Many holidaymakers enjoy the environs of their own hotels though as most offer excellent amenities on-site. 

The lighthouse at Playa del Matorral naturally acts as a beacon to sailors, but also delineates the beach north and south for nudists (more in the north section) and non-naturists. The beauty of Esquinzo beach, with its soft sand and calm waters, is renowned for tranquillity and relaxation.

There are no direct flights to Jandia or Playas de Jandia, but regular flights to Fuerteventura airport offer access to the southern end of the island. ClickandGo provides transfers and hotel accommodation in the area.