South Coast of Barbados


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Subjects to in Barbados' South Coast are filled with sun and fun. Livelier than the island's more upmarket West Coast area, the South Coast of Barbados is home to the well renowned St Lawrence Gap and the slightly more laid back and quiet resorts of Rockley and Hastings.

Plenty of buzzing clubs and local bars with calypso music thrumming from speakers or spontaneous guitar riffs from a local artist are dotted throughout St Lawrence Gap and there are open air discos and nightclubs to beat any band. Speaking of bands, excellent steel bands are part of Barbados' culture and the music is haunting and unforgettable. Rhythm is in the Barbadian soul.

On the South Coast of Barbados, vivid and vibrant colour is part of life here too. Apart from the amazing hues of blue from the warm Caribbean waters vying with the strident turquoise of ubiquitous swimming pools, local houses and shop fronts are gaily painted and they fairly shimmer in the golden sunshine. The local food and craft markets are an explosion of colour too with tropical fruits piled high and traditional pottery and basketry items luring visitors to part with their dollars.

Barbados South Coast holidays are truly unforgettable. Highly recommended as a brilliant honeymoon destination, the south coast has the beautiful beaches, but good infrastructure too and the many restaurants, clubs and lively bars ensure plenty of action when the sun goes down. The stuff that dreams are made of......

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