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Destinations / Caribbean / Jamaica / Negril

If an uninterrupted 7 mile stretch of icing sugar white beach is not sufficient attraction, then choose a holiday in Negril, Jamaica, for its wonderful atmosphere and laid back vibe. Negril holidays are totally unforgettable with lazy days spent relaxing on the beach or participating in some of the great water-based activities on offer. Windsurfing, waterskiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, parascending, sailing and jetskiing are all popular, so there is no excuse to avoid those dazzling turquoise waters for long!

Subjects to in Negril have traditionally attracted a younger crowd as the resort just has that trendy feel and there is always a buzz and a friendly, busy ambience. Romance is alive and well here too with Rick's Cafe (perched dramatically on a cliff face at the edge of the resort) being the destination of choice for viewing the magnificent sunsets whilst sipping a cool Caribbean cocktail. Rick's Cafe is virtually an institution, so miss this tradition at your peril! The resort of Negril extends quite a distance and the resort winds up in a series of imposing cliffs at its southernmost tip. The flat beach area is dotted with bars, cafes and clubs and the centre is known locally as the "West End".

Negril holidays are really the stuff of legend and the resort still carries the "hippie" legacy of the 1950's when the resort was discovered and grew a little for burgeoning tourism. Happily, Negril remains pretty undeveloped and, whilst it obviously has been touched by the toe of commercialism, the resort retains an intrinsic attraction. Honeymoon couples are in 7th Heaven here as Negril is very relaxed and it caters nicely to the notion of romance. A stunning beach, lovely hotels, good local eateries, beach shacks for cool drinks and fun clubs for evening - what more could love need! The undoubted charm of Negril lies in its sense of privacy and the fact that it is a well kept secret - well, almost.........

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