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Located in southern Germany, approx 1 hour's drive from the Black Forest, Stuttgart is quite unique in that it lies amongst fertile valleys, lush wooded hills and working vineyards, so is cosily nestled in one of the largest wine producing areas. Wine trails are very popular here and vineyard tours are a highly enjoyable way to discover the pretty countryside and sip some great wine along the way.

Home to two of the world's leading car manufacturers, Porsche and Daimler-Benz, the city has had the economic benefit, but also the good fortune to enjoy two wonderful car museums with spectacular architecture and breathtaking details. Stuttgart is really a city of contrasts as there are plenty of wonderful historic buildings, fantastic castles and pretty squares, yet the nightlife is ultra trendy and uber cool! Great restaurants, brilliant cafes and local pubs are everywhere and fine dining, outdoor terraces and traditional local venues all add to the charm of the experience.

A rich cultural heritage is also very much in evidence. Schlossplatz square is the main artery of Stuttgart (where the Duke of Wurttemberg had a magnificent baroque palace built at the end of the 18th century) and from here, visit the city's many wonderful museums, State Gallery, State Theatre and jazz clubs. Superb art collections, classical music recitals, state opera, ballet and theatrical performances, Stuttgart hosts it all. The city also boasts one of the longest pedestrianised streets in Europe - for shopping!

Many festivals throughout the year are also testament to the fun and carnival atmosphere in the city and for moments of relaxation, a visit to Wilhelma Gardens, one of Europe's finest botanical and zoological gardens, is a must.

Stuttgart is an amazing city in so many respects and will surprise and thrill the visitor - without doubt, a super city break destination. Go there soon, before the secret is out!


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