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Incurable romantics unite! Visitors, locals, tourists and lovers young and old stream in to a tiny piazza in Verona to stand under a stone balcony to sigh and whisper and dream of undying love..... Allegedely the home of Juliet Capulet, the ill-fated love of Romeo Montague, the Shakespearean tale of Romeo & Juliet has world-wide recognition and, legend or not, Verona owns it!

Absolutely not the only reason to visit this beautiful place, Verona has received the honour of being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its lovely architecture and urban structure. A medieval treasure, the town is full of cobbled streets, meandering alleyways, romantic arches and gorgeous stone buildings. The amazing Arena, a glorious amphitheatre built by the Romans and second in size only to the Colosseum, is still used today for wonderful open air operas.

A richly cultural town, Verona has a long artistic heritage and the town has art galleries and museums galore. Entrenched in history too, there are reminders of the past on virtually every street corner. Naturally, every Italian city has its fair share of stunning churches and beautiful basilicas where the architecture and frescoes are intricate, masterful and sublime and Verona is no exception. Climb the dramatic Lamberti Tower to enjoy marvellous views over the town, then stroll to Piazza Bra to join the hordes of visitors who want to people watch, just like you!

For a more authentic experience, sit in a local cafe on Piazza del Erbe, a real focal point in the city, sip a ristretto and watch parades of beautiful people saunter by.If shopping is your bag, check out the Golden Mile (Via Mazzini) and enjoy great window shopping or part with your holiday budget to bring home some souvenirs.

Located in the Veneto region in northen Italy, Verona is situated just 1 hour from Venice and only 30 minutes from the shores of magnificent Lake Garda. If romance or culture don't enthrall you, then sheer raw beauty will. You cannot afford to miss Verona.   

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