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Destinations / Croatia / Istrian Riviera / Lovran

Subjects to in Lovran perfectly blend past with present. A delightful town on the east coast of the Istrian Riviera, Lovran is also situated close to Opatija, another historical gem in Croatia's armoury of beautiful resorts.

A favourite with the Austro-Hungarian nobility from the 19th century, Lovran is actually one of the oldest settlements and was a shipbuilding mecca since the early middle ages. As the resort became such a popular haunt with the aristocracy, the traces of elegance are quite visible today with luxury villas and amazing summer palaces now transformed and converted to high class hotels and upmarket health spas.

Long renowned for its health-giving properties, Lovran benefited from the welcome mild Mediterranean climate, lush vegetation and bracing salty air, so now promotes the idea of a health resort. Lovran holidays are definitely good for you! Delicacies such as locally grown asparagus, chestnuts and cherries are extensively used in the typical cuisine and have even extended into whole festivals to celebrate the seasonal produce.

Sheltered beneath the slopes of Mt Ucka, a charmingly indented coastline throws up deserted coves, little private beaches and craggy inlets where swimming and snorkelling in the sapphire shallows of the Adriatic is paradise.

Stylish and sophisticated or delightfully simple by turns, holidays in Lovran are thoroughly enjoyable and are an exquisite exercise in relaxation. Bathed in the warm glow of a Mediterranean sun, the general ambience is tailor-made for sunbathing, lazy sightseeing and healthy walking in the nature park. Picturesque and quaint, the town will steal your heart and you will fully understand the allure and temptation of a holiday in Lovran.

Aer Lingus operates direct flights to nearby Pula and we provide a selection of hotels in the area.