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With over 160 years of tourism under its belt, a holiday in Opatija is a delightful venture into the past where there is a great sense of history and even traces of royalty. Of course, Opatija holidays are all about lovely mild temperatures too and all the advantages that a beautiful coastline and clean, clear water can conjure.

Geographically situated on the Istrian Riviera and peninsula and situated just 80k from Pula, the town has had an amazing journey as it was signed to Italy in 1920, given to the former Yugoslavia in 1947, then after the break up of Yugoslavia in 1991, Opatija became part of Croatia. One wonders that Opatija did not suffer an identity crisis!

A fashionable tourist resort and beloved of the Austrian Imperial family and a favourite winter destination with Austro-Hungarian nobility because of its lovely Mediterranean climate, holidays in Opatija remain popular up to the present day. Stunning summer residences, opulent villas and luxury houses have been preserved and are now converted to beautiful hotels and wellness centres.

A sense of elegance and old grandeur pervades in Opatija and upmarket shops, attractive terraces and comfortable hotel lounges are all part of the holiday experience here. One of the oldest, most handsome and most notable buildings, Villa Angiolina, played host to many famous residents over the years.

Perfect for leisurely strolls, the lovely seaside promenade, Lungomare, stretches for 12 klm and edges a dazzling turquoise patch of the Adriatic.  Swimming in sheltered bays and tiny indented coves combines the charms of nature with that utterly relaxing holiday feel where stress and tension simply wash away, so holidays in Opatija are good for body and soul!

There are no flights to Opatija, but regular Aer Lingus flights operate into Pula and we have an array of accommodation choices.




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