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Destinations / Croatia / Istrian Riviera / Porec

Subjects to on the Istrian Riviera can hardly be considered without a glance in the direction of Porec. Perhaps one of the better known resorts on this magnificent coastline, Porec retains enormous popularity as a tourist venue.

An absolute haven for lovers of the outdoors, Porec holidays appeal to nature lovers, history buffs, sporting types and sightseers. Originally a little fishing village, the town today just buzzes with life. The pretty harbour and old historic centre are hopping with great holiday atmosphere. Ancient stone-paved streets and narrow alleyways are alive with open air cafes, local restaurants, al fresco bars and live entertainment. Street artists and buskers abound and all add to the gaiety and fun. Traditional stone houses are beautifully preserved and form a lovely backdrop and stark contrast to the otherwise touristy feel.

Traces of the past are omnipresent in Porec and the old part of town just teems with wonderful buildings, old forums and ancient temples. The Euphrasian Basilicia, dating from the 6th century, is the most valuable and important landmark in all of Istria and is on the UNECSO World Heritage list.

Subjects to in Porec are ideal for walking and cycling too, so the unspoilt beaches are not the sole attraction. The majority of beaches are pebble based and there is access to rock bathing from the pine-clad coast. Spend leisurely days soaking up the rays or exploring one of the historic heirlooms, then head to a cool cafe for a cool drink, then choose a friendly restaurant to enjoy some delicious local food. Traditionally, cuisine in the Istrian Riviera area is heavily influenced by neighbouring Italy, but there are hints of Greek and central European traces too.

There are no direct flights to Porec, but Aer Lingus operates regular flights to Pula and we provide a range of accommodation options.


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