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Destinations / France / French Riviera / Mougins

All the Ms could be associated with holidays in Mougins - medieval, Michelin star and magnificent vistas and the village is a true blue French Riviera holiday venue.

The French Riviera resort of Mougins is a dinky little medieval style village perched quite dramatically on a hilltop almost midway between Cannes and Grasse. A back country treasure, Mougins is a darling of the Alpes Maritimes villages.

In latter times, Mougins made an established name for itself in high dining circles and is reputed to have around 50 restaurants and more Michelin rated restaurants than any other region in France - not bad going for a mere village!

So, apart from being a foodie's heaven, Mougins has a selection of art galleries (and quite a few real estate agents!), so is obviously on the wish list for foreign investors and locals seeking a lovely holiday home.

This fortified village lacks the muddled maze of meandering streets one expects of French medieval towns; however, the village is pretty, quaint and charming and there are spectacular views over the valley floor.  There are still some cobblestoned byways and trendy boutiques, cafes and, of course, great restaurants, all very typical of the south of France.

Picasso chose to live out the last 15 or so years of his life just 1 km from Mougins and is forever linked to the area.The village has an atmosphere steeped in history and there are lovely old buildings, like the 11th century Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur Church and 12th century Notre Dame de Vie, where Picasso lived (painted by Winston Churchill) and Saint Barthelemy Chapelle, shaped like an octagon.  However, the leitmotif of Mougins is fine dining, so go here for fabulous food, romance and amazing ambience. Proximity to Nice is also a bonus here as the commercial heart of the city is superb for shopping and a stroll on Promenade des Anglais is de rigueur.

French Riviera holidays will never be boring when Mougins is on the map and although there are no flights to Mougins, direct flights to Nice from Ireland operate all year round.


Holiday weather for Mougins

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