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Destinations / Greece / Athens Coast / Glyfada

The Athens Coast is a short skip away from the heat and humidity of the teeming city and you don't need to get on a ferry to escape the bustle of the Greek capital.Take a short bus ride and you'll find superb local beaches along the sheltered Saronic Gulf stretching from the southern suburbs of Athens to the southernmost point of Attica, Cape Sounion. Just 10 miles south of the city (typically a 30-40 minute drive) you will find a place where urban sprawl gives way to an idyllic palm fringed setting.

Glyfáda is one of the most elegant districts of Athens. The coastal resort stands out for its sandy palm-fringed beaches, its cosmopolitan clubs (where the pulse of the Athens nightlife beats), its polished hotels, boutiques and restaurants as well as its marinas, a favourite for opulent yacht mooring. Swim in crystal clear waters or enjoy a frappé (a favourite ice-cold refreshing coffee drink) in this great resort.

In the evenings, relax in one of the many ice cream parlours where whole families gather to enjoy the iconic "Chicago", an indulgent chocolate ice cream extravaganza. Stroll the promenade or discover a local taverna where the delicious Greek specialities of dolmades, souvlaki, saganaki, moussaka and tzaziki waft in the air. There are also some "younger" restaurants selling seriously good pizzas. 

For a deeply traditional (and great fun) night out on any holiday to the Athens Coast, a trip to a typical Bouzoukia club should be on the agenda. Greeks take their entertainment seriously and nowhere is this more evident than in these clubs where the famous singers are virtually idolised on stage and flowers (traditionally, highly scented gardenias) are strewn and plates are smashed as tokens of approval and applause.

Another huge benefit of a holiday in Glyfada, Athens Coast is, of course, its proximity to Athens itself, one of the world's most exciting, ancient and historically rich cities in the world. Visit the Acropolis and magnificent Parthenon; the lively Plaka district; Monastiraki with its flea market, Syntagma Square with its Evzones guards (the seat of Government) and, of course, the National Archaeological Museum. A walk on any street in Athens invokes the past and reminds one that the country truly earned the name, Cradle of Civilisation.

With Aer Lingus flights direct from Dublin and a wide range of good quality hotels in Glyfada, this coastal region should definitely be on your "to-do" list!


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