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Destinations / Greece / Halkidiki

If you are looking to unwind and disconnect, the lush green pine forests that stretch until they meet the sea, pristine crystal water, and hidden coves of Halkidiki are just the remedy for you. Halkidiki, located in the southeast of Thessaloniki, is shaped like a trident with three “fingers” that stick out into the sea. Kassandra is the most developed of the three, boasting amazing beaches and a buzzing social scene. Sithonia, Kassandra’s quieter and more relaxed sibling is often less crowded and equally as stunning. Athos, the third and final peninsula is essentially untouched aside from the Mt. Athos monastery.

Things to do in Halkidiki

  • Visit Aristotle Park in Stageira and see the large imposing statue of the famous philosopher, Aristotle. Halkidiki is the birthplace of one of these great intellects of Western Civilization and this park was built in homage to him.
  • Marvel at the stalagmites hanging from the ceiling of the Cave of Petralona which is over 700,000 years old.
  • Get some fresh air with an amazing hike through the mountains as you search for hidden springs and other beautiful natural sights around each turn
  • Engage in some sporting fun at any of the dozens of amazing beaches by trying out windsurfing, diving, or water skiing