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Destinations / Italy / Sorrento and Amalfi Coast / Ravello

One of the most attractive resorts on the whole Amalfi Coast (and that is some boast!), Ravello is genuinely an enchanting holiday destination. Perched above the sparkling Mediterranean, the sea views are absolutely magnificent.

Ravello is renowned for beautiful gardens - the two most famous are Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. Open to the public, the gardens are stunningly planted and landscaped and offer marvellous views of the coast. These dramatic settings inspired the composer Wagner and the Ravello Concert Society organises chamber music concerts annually. 

A peaceful village, life in Ravello is deliciously tranquil and it is perfect for relaxing holidays, where you can enjoy fresh local cuisine and good, old fashioned Italian hospitality -  typical of holidays to Italy.

High in the hills above Amalfi, Ravello is a haven for honeymooners. The nerve inducing, bending roads are not for the faint hearted as they wind around cliff faces and they can become quite congested in high summer, but the drives are always worth it. Explore the beauty of the Sorrento Coast, take a little boat trip to the magnificent Isle of Capri and marvel at the impossibly turquoise blue sea all around.

Although there are no flights to Ravello, direct flights from Dublin to Naples offers access to this beautiful seaside resort. 

Holiday weather for Ravello

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