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Resorts in Sorrento - As popular as an ice cream cornetto, Sorrento is an Italian resort that is not only well known, but well loved and with very good cause. Subjects to to Italy are always a delight, but the Sorrento Peninsula has several "stars" and Sorrento is absolutely its brightest.

Perched on what looks like a natural balcony jutting out over the sea, the town has stunning views over the Bay of Naples.  Full of beautiful scenery, historic buildings like the magnificent 15th century Duomo, charming piazzas and meandering streets, its not hard to understand the immense popularity of Sorrento holidays.

Walk along the Sorrentina peninsula to enjoy spectacular vistas and breathe refreshing air that is strong with the scent of tangy lemons. Return to Sorrento, choose a sunny pavement cafe in Piazza Tasso, sip a delicious "ristretto" and do a spot of people watching. Subjects to in Sorrento are made of this!

Access to the sea is generally via wooden steps to bathing platforms, so don't expect many sandy beaches. Enjoy some boat trips from the harbour to the southern side of the peninsula to the Amalfi Coast resorts and visit Amalfi, Positano or Ravello. Or simply stroll round the characterful streets, window shop, coffee stop and idle the warm days away. Viva l'Italia!

Explore the neighbouring town of Sant'Agnello just 2km away for a more relaxed pace. Sorrento can become quite frenetic in high season, so Sant'Agnello is the perfect retreat with its Baroque Church and attractive beach at la Marinella.

Don't forget either that Pompeii and Herculaneum are easily accessible. The violent eruption at Vesuvius in 79 AD buried the towns under tons of volcanic ash for almost 1,600 years. Visit and wonder at almost perfectly preserved artifacts and amazing archaeological remains that are still being discovered to this day.

There are no direct flights to Sorrento, but flights from Dublin to Naples with Aer Lingus operate on a regular basis. We offer a great range of properties in the various resorts in this idyllic area.


Holiday weather for Sorrento

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