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Destinations / Spain / Costa de la Luz / Isla Cristina

Quite close to the Portuguese border, Isla Cristina is only 45 km from the city of Huelva. Today's resort was once an island (hence the name "isla") and is fast becoming a favourite Spanish holiday destination.

One of the delightfully laid back resorts of Costa de la Luz, Isla Cristina is nonetheless quite unlike a standard resort of Andalucia. Forget any preconceived notions of furry donkeys or sombreros and think instead of gorgeous golden beaches, balmy sunshine and a busy, working fishing port. Subjects to to Spain were never like this!

Packed to the gills in high summer, the resort bustles with life, both local and tourist. Hemmed in by a beautiful national park "Marismas de Isla Cristina", there are literally miles of unexplored, virgin beach here with endless possibilities for watersports and lots of privacy - a typical holiday to Costa de la Luz!

There are no flights to Isla Cristina, but direct flights operate from Ireland into Faro airport on a regular basis and we offer a good choice of hotels in Islantilla, Isla Canela and El Rompido also.


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