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Key West holidays are unforgettable. Key West is located on the southernmost tip of Florida, the Sunshine State, and next stop is the ocean! Known for its fantastic Duval Street lined with tourist shops, great attractions, lovely local restaurants, super nightlife and busy bars, the resort of  Key West is purpose-built for holiday enjoyment. Long associated with fun in the sun, Key West holidays will always include the sea or some maritime adventure. 

Stretching into the Gulf of Mexico, Key West is only 90 miles north of Cuba, and as America's most southerly city, Key West hails as a beacon of hospitality at the end of the Florida Keys. A narrow chain of islands linked to the mainland by a grand highway, Key West lies at the very tip and is a mixture of old world charm with a romantic legacy of piracy and rum-running and, of course, the cultural links to Ernest Hemingway who had his home here.

Key West's promenade is a nightly attraction where the brave and the beautiful strut their stuff; stalls sell t-shirts, seashells and artisan crafts; local seafood delicacies like conch are eaten fresh from food trucks and cocktails are sipped whilst watching the celebration of the famous sunset at Mallory Square. Arrive early to nab your place along the wall and enjoy a spectacular view. Nightlife in Key West can be pretty wild too, so get your party face on!

Go fishing or sailing in Key West. Boats of every size can be hired and there are excursions to enjoy if you don't want to be Captain for the day! There are some sandy beaches in the area and scuba diving is a popular pastime. The restaurants serve fabulous fresh fish and lobster and, naturally, key lime pie is the local speciality! 

Key West is a resort with broad appeal - fun, sun, sea, shopping, entertainment and more. Key West holidays are the best!


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