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Destinations / Ski, Lakes & Mountains / Seefeld (Austria)

Subjects to in Seefeld are certainly not just about skiing! Austria is a stunningly beautiful country and the state of Tyrol is one of its shining lights. Located close to Innsbruck (17 klms away), this area is renowned for absolutely breathtaking scenery.

Walking holidays in Seefeld offer the most spectacular vistas and every corner reveals more picturesque views than you could imagine. Situated on a bright and sunny plateau high above Innsbruck, the village is cocooned between two mountain ranges and feels cosy and protected.

Seefeld is well known for winter skiing, but when the snows melt, the village comes alive and the wonderful views, gorgeous quaint shops and intimate bars will simply entrance you. Imagine expanses of vivid green alpine pastures, meadows full of colourful wild flowers and the tinkle of cow bells and you really could step into an advertisement for Babybel cheese or Milka chocolate!

Summer holidays in Seefeld are busy with open air concerts, great traditional local cuisine and plenty of evening buzz with nice local bars, live music sessions and delicious restaurants. The centre of the village has been pedestrianised so window shopping and people watching from the pavement cafes is now a lifestyle.

Walking trails offer lots of different options, so you can simply stroll or take more challenging routes. Choose from shimmering lakeside walks, amble through a verdant meadow (like Heidi) or sing along to strains of "The Sound of Music" on a high Alpine hill!

Seefeld summer holidays are all about relaxing, gentle exercise, sunshine, good food and good company - sounds good to me...........

There are no direct flights to Seefeld, but Aer Lingus operates daily flights to Munich which is approx 2.5 hours away.

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